Spring Snow Goose Hunting Guides

Our Snow Goose Guides

Below are our spring snow goose hunting guides who run hunts in the field with our clients through out the spring snow goose hunting season. Get to know our guides before you book a hunt with us so that you can see who and what we are. Thank you for browsing our field staff!

Clay O'Rourke - Snow Goose Guide

Clay O'Rourke

Hometown : Vicksburg Michigan

Clay started hunting waterfowl at the age of 12 and was introduced to waterfowl hunting through one of his close friends growing up and was instantly hooked. Ever since then he has dedicated his life to the sport and has chased waterfowl through the entire midwest chasing ducks and geese in the fall and snow geese during the spring migration through all of the Central & Mississippi flyways.

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Joe Griffin - Snow Goose Guide

Joe Griffin

Hometown : Zeeland Michigan

My name is Joe Griffin. I come from a non hunting family. I grew up in a small town in south west Michigan. Growing up with friends who always talked about going hunting, I began to grow an interest when I was 9 years old. I finally convinced my parents to let me go. They probably thought it was just a phase. Long story short, my Mom killed her first duck a few years ago and my Dad joins me at deer camp in the west Menominee County.

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Matt Peters - Snow Goose Guide

Matt Peters

Hometown : City Michigan

I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 10. Ever since then waterfowl hunting has consumed countless hours and days of my life. That feeling you get when birds cooperate how you want them to after days of scouting is what I live for. Snow goose hunting is by far my favorite waterfowl species to hunt. There's nothing like 1000's of snow geese spinning over you and being able to see hundreds of thousands of snow geese migrating over you on any given day. It's an experience everyone has to witness.

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Casey Meyers - Snow Goose Guide

Casey Meyers

Hometown : City Michigan

Casey Meyers info coming soon....

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Zac Billin - Snow Goose Guide

Zac Billin

Hometown : Dorr Michigan

From an early age Zac began to develop a passion for hunting and the great outdoors. Whether it was deer hunting with his dad at age 12, or hunting waterfowl with his friends at age 15.

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Kam Perry- Snow Goose Guide

Kam Perry

Hometown : Greenville Michigan

Kam Perry info coming soon....

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Kyle Hillard- Snow Goose Guide

Kyle Hillard

Hometown : City Michigan

Kyle Hillard info coming soon....

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