Our Spring Snow Goose Bird Cleaning

View our guided spring snow goose hunting bird cleaning policy and information.

Bird cleaning, field dressing, and or transporting your snow geese is your responsibility. We have alot to deal with and can't make a promise we will be around to help with the cleaning of your harvested snow geese. We may have to move sets, fix gear, and or just plain get some R & R so, cleaning and taking care of the birds that you harvest during your hunt is your responsibility. We are glad to help out if we can with disposal but, please don't leave your harvested snow geese with any of our guides because it is not our responsibility.

For an added fee of $2 per bird we would be glad to clean your birds to compensate for helping you. Outside of helping clean the birds it will still be your responsibility to dispose of carcusas and or transport your waterfowl home with you. It is also your responsibility to know the laws and regulations involved with cleaning & transporting waterfowl accross state and country borders and Whiteout Outfitters and those acting on behalf of Whiteout Outfitters are not responsible for any issues or any legal action involved in the improper care and or transportation of waterfowl.

Snow Goose Hunting Dates

Check out our spring snow goose hunting dates for the spring snow goose hunting season.
Following the reverse snow goose migration!

Available Hunting Dates from
February - April