Our Spring Snow Goose Hunting Cost and Options

View our guided spring snow goose hunting prices and cost for this upcoming spring snow goose season.

50% of the party total

We require a 50% of the total hunt deposit to hold dates for your hunt with the remainder balance paid before the hunt occurs. If, we do not recieve a deposit for a hunt then your hunt dates will not be saved and those dates may be lost to another hunting party.

Please send your deposits as soon as you can to make sure that your hunt dates are reserved for your party. If you have any further questions please contact us as soon as possible. If you decide you want to book a hunt with us and we have discussed the arragement in person you have 10 days to remit your deposit from the time we discussed your hunt dates to make your reservation.

Please make checks payable to Whiteout Outfitters or Clayton ORourke. If your check bounces or is returned for NSF then your hunt dates will be available for others. Our hunts are on a first deposit basis so please get your deposits to us as soon as possible. We also reserve the right to deny anyone services.

No Refunds

Our time is valuable and the work and effort we put into making a hunt and setting up hunts is not to be taken for granted.

If you have booked a hunt and can not make it we will re-schedule your hunt.

If we have weather issues we will re-schedule your hunt if needed outside of postponing the hunt.

If you book a hunt and can't make it for whatever reason last minute we are out those dates and most likely can't re-coop the money for those empty spots that could have been filed with paying customers.

If the birds are not flying or if they move or if the weather moves in and changes everything we do our best to give the best opportunity possible and our services will be rendered either on another day or you accept that we will and have done what we can to make the best of the cituation and will forfeit your money if you do not want to re-schedule for another time.

If we have to cancel a hunt due to weather or other issues outside of our control we will re-schedule your hunt for another time.

Regardless of hunting conditions we are ultimatley providing a service and mother nature is in total control and we are not. No matter what we do not refund money for any reason.

Regardless of hunting we still have to pay for fuel, food, lodging, insurance, leases, gear, time, and other expenses.

Ultimatley we want to provide you with a safe and memorable spring snow goose hunting experience and we understand that things happen outside of everyones control so, instead of refunding money we re-schedule hunts to make up for that time missed or for instances beyond everyones control.

Snow Goose Hunting Dates

Check out our spring snow goose hunting dates for the spring snow goose hunting season.
Following the reverse snow goose migration!

Available Hunting Dates from
February - April