Our Spring Snow Goose Dog Policy

View our guided spring snow goose hunting dog policy and information.

We allow dogs in our sets depending on the situation. We ask that prior to your hunt that you contact us regarding your dogs and or bringing your dogs with you on your hunt. Some places we stay don't allow dogs in the hotels or motels so make sure that you contact us directly to find out if you can bring your dog before showing up.

We also may have others who are already bringing their dogs and as with the hunting it is a first come first serve basis. So, while setting up your hunt booking make sure to mention whether or not you are planning on bringing your dog.

We like to keep the number of dogs in the field to only 1 to 2 dogs per set and they will have already had to hunt together to do so. Dogs can really mess up a hunt if they are out running free and out of control and just remember that it may not make everyone in your party happy if the dog is out making the hunting that much harder.

If the dog is creating too much of a problem we may ask you to take the dog out of the field. No matter what we try to work with everyone and we love to have good working dogs in the field to help with retrieves and it also cuts down on the work we have to do to chase down cripples so we welcome the extra help.

Snow Goose Hunting Dates

Check out our spring snow goose hunting dates for the spring snow goose hunting season.
Following the reverse snow goose migration!

Available Hunting Dates from
February - April