Our Lodging Info

View our guided spring snow goose hunt lodging information.

We stay mobile so our lodging does too. We don't have any dedicated lodges as of yet and we do our lodging in hotels or motels on the road. Depending on your requirements we can do our best to find accomodations to fit your wants and needs as long as you let us know ahead of time what your looking for we can try to find the best fit for your situation.

Because the fact that we stay mobile and try to stay on birds sometimes it takes us to very remote locations where access to lodging can sometimes be an issue, however we will stay at the closest place possible to the areas we will be hunting. That being said sometimes our drive time from lodging to our hunting locations may at times be up to an hour in driving distance. So, please be aware and ready to have to drive. We will do our best to stay as close to our hunting locations as possible but ultimately we want to be on birds and we will make the drive if necessary.

Typically our normal drive times are usually under 20 minutes from our hunting locations and most often there are places to get licensing, food, fuel, and all the other regular amenities that we are all used to.

Snow Goose Hunting Dates

Check out our spring snow goose hunting dates for the spring snow goose hunting season.
Following the reverse snow goose migration!

Available Hunting Dates from
February - April