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Self Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts.

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Whiteout Outfitters - Spring Snow Goose Hunting

What to Expect

Self guided spring snow goose hunts are a way for those who are interested in participating in a spring snow goose hunt to get out at minimal cost and try a spring snow goose hunt without breaking the bank. This is a way that you can get out and see if maybe you are interested in paying a guide for a fully guided spring snow goose hunt in the future, if you just want to test the waters and get out to try the sport yourself, or you may be interested in making a self guided spring snow goose hunting trip part of your yearly hunting adventures with buddies, family, and friends.

You can expect to be in a high traffic snow goose area with a good influx of migrating and feeding snow geese near, over, and around the self guided snow goose hunting set that is established by Whiteout Outfitters.

For these hunts we will have roughly 600-800 windsock decoys set up in the field with an ecaller system, speakers, and back supports with cushions for you to use while hunting. You should bring a white tyvek suit to use to cover yourself while laying in the set to blend in with the decoys. White tyvek suits are the best way to hide in a snow goose set so that you can stay mobile in the set and not be stuck to having bulky and hard to move layout blinds when wind changes occur.

What to Bring

When on a spring snow goose hunting trip there are a lot of things to consider while you are out away from home. Licensing, Gear, Lodging, & Meals oh, and showers are nice too. Below is a list of items and things we suggest you bring or think about bringing for a snow goose hunting trip.

  • Suggestions of What to bring list
  • 1. Shotgun - 12 gauge or larger is suggested
  • 2. Ammunition - Roughly 2 boxes a day (just a good estimate) could be less could be more, 3" or larger and 2 shot or larger suggested.
  • 3. State Hunting License - for the state you will be hunting
  • 4. Clothing - for all weather we never know what mother nature may bring it can be 80 degrees or it could end up a snowing. Not a bad idea to bring waders cause we may hunt ponds or the fields may collect sheet water with heavy rains. Bring whatever you will be comfortable hunting the entire day wearing.
  • 5. Snacks - or sack lunches we hunt all day and may break for lunch depending on how the birds are moving through-out the day. But, having something to snack on during the day is always a good idea.
  • 6. Garbage Bags - we accumulate a lot of trash in our blinds & for bird cleaning. It's nice to clean out the blinds everyday and hunting in a clean blind is always nice. And leaving a clean blind for the following group of hunters is also appreciated.
  • 7. Cooler - for snacks and for transporting birds when you leave.
  • 8. Cushions or things like that for the blinds. They may be uncomfortable for some and cushions may be a good idea for comfort. We lay in blinds for extended periods of time and if you want to stay comfortable or if you may have back problems etc...
  • 9. Cameras - you may want to get pictures of your hunts and or film your hunts. Please keep in mind there are other people hunting as well and make sure that you are being discreet about it. No filming with blind lids open or filming outside of your blinds.
  • 10. Tags - Having tags or making tags with your info on them for tagging your harvested birds is recommended. At very least name address phone number information on a piece of paper for the person that is planning on claiming birds. The DNR may stop you or check you and ask who is claiming the birds and it is your responsibility to make sure you know who is claiming them.

About the Hunt

Our self guided spring snow goose hunts start before sunrise and you should be out in the field before sunrise because shooting time for snow goose hunting is half hour before sunrise and you may need to move gear and or clean up the set from over night wear and tear so, getting out to the set and getting ready is very important. First light is almost always one of the best opportunities of the hunt and to miss it drastically reduces your harvest numbers.

Self guided hunts it is up to you how long you sit in the snow goose hunting set you can sit all day from sun up to sun down or you can sit for half day or take a break for lunch if you would prefer. It is up to the discretion of the hunting party whether or not you would like to break for a lunch break mid day or how you want to handle your self guided spring snow goose hunt. You are welcome to come and go as you please however we ask that you be respectful to all of those who are still hunting in the field if you decide to leave the set or come back to the set for any reason.

We use around 600-800 snow goose windsock decoys in our set, ecallers, and lay down back supports and cushions for under your rear end. Our self guided spring snow goose hunts take place on mostly private land in harvested farm fields, pond edges, and sometimes cover crop. Depending on the situation we ask that you be respectful to your surroundings and make sure you don't leave trash or tear up any grounds or property that is part of our hunting set ups.

Weather Policy

Weather is a huge factor in snow goose hunting or for any hunting for that matter. We sometimes may need to cut short, postpone, or re-schedule a hunt due to inclimate weather that my either move in or that has moved in. We don't do refunds for weather issues but, instead can either postpone or reschedule a hunt depending on the situation. Also, if you have hunted the majority of the day and the weather cuts your hunt short we will not re-schedule at best we may offer a discount depending on the hunt conditions and it is at our discretion to do so.

Over the years we have seen just about everything from tornado to blizzards and everything in between so, if we have to deal with any weather issues and we believe that the weather is not safe or will cause for miserable hunting conditions and outcomes we will suggest to postpone, cut short, or re-schedule your hunt. This is just for your best interests as well as ours. Your safety and our safety are the most important things and no goose is worth the risk.

Please if, we suggest any weather related changes we ask that you respect our suggestion and accept our changes because ultimately it will benefit all involved and mother nature has total control.

If, you or your party want to go through with the hunt and weather conditions are not favorable depending on the situation we will do our best to accommodate you on the hunt however be aware that the hunting may be slower than normal and it is not to be reflected on our outfit and or guides.

Field Chaperone's

Spring snow goose hunting is some of the toughest and work intensive of all waterfowl hunting. The weather can be rough, the days are long, the nights are short, and the wear and tear on our gear and bodies is tremendous. The guides and our field chaperone's are working for very little other than to be in the field and to try to give you the best hunt they can because they love to hunt just as much as you.

We ask for all of those who come out for a spring snow goose hunt to remember our snow goose guides and field chaperone's have given up their time and or left their own families behind for weeks and or months to chase the snow geese and to be here so that you can enjoy this time with your friends and family. So, please remember their sacrifice and please tip your guides or field chaperone's. It is not required to tip and I am not demanding it but, if the guide does a good job and works hard for you while out on your spring snow goose hunting trip this spring season please think about spotting them a little extra for the hard work they put in not only for you but for all of you. Thank you!

Snow Goose Hunting Dates

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Following the reverse snow goose migration!

Available Hunting Dates from
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