the Light Goose Conservation Order

Read about spring snow goose hunting from the inception to today!

The Beginning : Light Goose Conservation Order

Conservation Order for Light Geese

Because of a study done in the late 90's of mid continental snow goose population and the affect that they have on the arctic and sub arctic nesting area the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service determined that it was imparative to relax on the hunting restrictions and introduce a spring conservation season to hunt and reduce the snow goose population.

The Order : Light Goose Conservation Order Regulations

The introduction to the spring snow goose season was a way for hunters to extend their waterfowl hunting season as well as hunt with much less restrictions. The light goose conservation season was adapted with very little rules making the hunting opportunities more abundant.

  • Spring Snow Goose Rules & Regulations

  • No Daily Limits
  • No Possession Limits
  • Un-plugged Shotguns
  • Use of Electronic Calls
  • Shooting Hours : 1/2 Hour Before Sunrise
  • Shooting Hours : 1/2 Hour After Sunrise

The Order : Light Goose Conservation Order

In 1999 The Light Goose Conservation Order was mandated and the spring snow goose hunting boom was started. The main goal of the spring snow goose hunting season was to decrease the snow goose population by 50% that being said, we are only able to maintain the population at best in 2015. Currently the snow goose population has seen increases every year since the introduction to the light goose conservation order and with snow geese becoming more and more intelligent to decoy spreads and gimicks they continue to see growth in their numbers.

Snow Goose Hunting Dates

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Following the reverse snow goose migration!

Available Hunting Dates from
February - April